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Ladies Gymnastics Grips Zebra Velcro With Dowels Reviews

Reviewed by riley , 08/31/2016

Iv'e had mine for almost a year now and they were great at fist but then they started slipping. I started putting water on but that didi't help. I scrtach them with a brush every time before I use them , but when they hit the bar they get slippery. No one else on my team has this problem

GINNASTA USA REPLY: You need new grips! Once the leather starts to feel slippery, it's time to renew! One year on the same pair is too long as the leather just gets worn out. A new pair will feel "grippy" again!

Reviewed by shira , 01/18/2016

I am so pleased with these grips. I have had them for a bit longer then a year now and they have made bars so much more enjoyable. They broke in very easily and they are very comfortable. They last a very long time and overall I am very pleased with them.

Reviewed by Franki , 05/30/2015

I am so pleased with these grips, they are even more comfortable than my custom made ones!!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 The sizing was perfect which is good because I couldn't really return them since i live in South-Africa😊🇿🇦

Reviewed by Kristen , 03/16/2015

My daughter loves these grips -- super comfortable and no break in period. Best customer service I've experienced -- we also needed a pair of grips in a pinch and they took care of us!

Reviewed by Melissa P, 01/28/2015

They were great for what we needed. They broke in quickly which was great since we had a meet in a week. The finger holes filed a little too easy especially compared to her other grips, she made the hole a bit too big because she was used to filing more. Overall we are extremely pleased.

Reviewed by Leigh , 01/13/2015

My daughter loves her grips. No more painful hands! Makes bar work so much easier.

Reviewed by Swany d, 11/17/2014

I live in the Netherlands, and my daughter has always trouble whith grips. So I looked on the internet and ame on this site and read all the reviews. I immedeately thougt, I have to have these for my daughter. It took a while before they came, and we had to pay import duties (!!). SO the grips costed a lot (and I was not amused). BUT, the first time my daughter used them, they fitted nicely, in fact amazing!
Her bar skills improved immediately. She was so happy. Even the coach was impressed, and asked where these grips came from. So it is worth the money!

Reviewed by Amanda , 10/21/2014

I ordered a pair of zebra velcro gymnastics grips for my daughter who struggled greatly to adjust to her first pair of grips (another brand). She loves her new zebra grips, and is now making progress on the bars again! I will only buy Ginnasta grips from now on! Thanks SO much!

Reviewed by Kathie S, 09/30/2014

Very Easy transaction, had to return something, no issues at all! We ordered the correct size and we love them, Thank you!

Reviewed by Ralina f, 09/14/2014

Very pleased with my order, they fit perfectly

Reviewed by Jenn Z, 08/29/2014

We've been ordering Ginnasta Grips for several years and we LOVE THEM!! Excellent product, Excellent Service and We really appreciate all the help we got from Portia!! Keep up the good work! :)

Reviewed by Madeleine , 07/24/2014

My daughter was very happy with her grips! The first time she used them at gymnastics, she made her kip! She was thrilled! She did say the holes seem to have gotten bigger and the grips slip on her fingers a little bit now.

Comment from Ginnasta USA:
If her finger holes have gotten a little too big and are slipping she can wrap something through the holes to take up a bit of space (a hair tie, rubberband, foam). We also have something called Foam Finger Fits that will help with this problem:)

Reviewed by Shari , 07/03/2014

Awesome grips! Came fast, sizing is true! My daughter loves them! Thank you!

Reviewed by Wildcard G, 05/17/2014

We are thrilled with this style of grips. We like that they break in quickly and they are easy to use.

Reviewed by Dana , 05/13/2014

My daughter LOVES her zebra velcro grips! They have made such a difference and they did not have to be broken in. Thanks, Ginnasta!

Reviewed by Claudia , 05/03/2014

Both of my daughters have these grips (levels 5 and 8) and love them. My 10 year old just got these and was doing giants on bars first day wearing them. Said they felt fine! Glad we got them.

Reviewed by Trish , 04/09/2014

I bought these for my daughter who hated having to wear grips and felt like they really interfered with her bar skills even after using them for 2 years and trying several different brands. I ordered these because they were recommended repeatedly when I searched for the best grips for gymnasts who dislike grips in general. They arrived very quickly and my daughter loved them from the first practice! No break in period and her skills improved immediately too. I bought a second pair as a backup though after a full season of training and competing, the first pair is still in great shape. I highly recommend these...we won't ever buy anything else!

Reviewed by Donna , 04/06/2014

Order the zebra velcro grips for my youngest daughter who was having trouble with another brand of grips and wouldn't use them. Heard about the great quality and how easy it was to break in ginnasta brand grips. I received the grips in 3 days and my daughter has been wearing them ever since. There was absolutely no break in period. She was able to do all her skills the first night wearing them. She loved them so much that my older daughter decided to switch to this brand as well.

Reviewed by Emily , 02/08/2014

These are so awesome I'm in level 4 and I had to get grips so i got these and they are so stylish and easy to break in and I'm 10

Reviewed by Ashley , 06/29/2013

I ordered these for my daughters on a Tuesday and we had them before practice on Thursday night... and that was with the free shipping option! As a former gymnast, I was fully expecting to have to break these in but they were already perfect when I took them out of the bag! This is the first set of grips for my girls as they are just starting to work on more advanced bar skills. Even their coach was impressed though and showed them to some of the other moms on the team and encouraged them to buy the same ones! The zebra print is super cute and the sizing was perfect.

Reviewed by Emily , 02/19/2013

i love these grips they are so stylish and so easy to break in and im nine

Reviewed by Haleigh , 09/19/2012

Haleigh absolutely loves these grips! Her bars have improved dramatically too!

Reviewed by Lindsay , 03/03/2012

I did not get mine yet but I am so excited to get them! People say they are really good!

Reviewed by gymgirl , 01/31/2012

these zeba print grips are not only stylish but fit the hand just right it is tight but not too tight PERFECT grips prevents rips its cost may seem alot but its actally a great price for PERFECT GRIPS

Reviewed by Simone , 10/16/2011

they are easy to break in.the design is so cute.i'm 6 years old and in level 7 . these grips are awesome.

Reviewed by Sherri , 10/12/2011

Ah-MAZ-ING!!!! These arrived very quickly (THANK U!) & Portia was extremely helpful determining the perfect fit...& WOW - I brought them to my daughters during their bar workout (and they are so CUTE that my girls couldn't wait to put them on) & went straight back to doing their GIANTS!! ...& then OFCOARSE(!) left them on for the remaining of their workout. GUESS WE FOUND OUR NEW GRIPS!!! :D

Reviewed by Sofia , 10/07/2011

I really liked these grips. They come broken in so if your grips break before a big meet and you buy these you won't have to break them in. I also like that they fit nicely and the sizing is nice as well.

Reviewed by Morgan , 09/18/2011

These Grips are fantastic and easy to break in The sizing is extremely accurate. I Highly recommend these grips to anyone who hates having grips mess up how they swing!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Madison , 09/18/2011

The zebra print is so stylish and I like that they fit nice & tight. I also like that when you spray them, they don't stretch out. Owner helped us greatly by measuring my wrists and recommending the proper size to buy.