Ladies Gymnastics Grips Double Buckle With Dowels Reviews

Reviewed by ANNELIZ D, 01/18/2020

Called Ginnasta on Thursday asking about the size for my daughter's tiny wrists and spoke to Portia. We thought making an extra hole in the buckles would help fit my daughter. Unfortunately making an extra hole would not work so Portia made custom fit wrist cuffs for her. Just received them today (Saturday), which is super fast, and the fit is amazing and the grips are super soft. We also got the approval from her coach. I just purchased another pair for her friend's birthday as most of the girls in her gym have the Ginnasta double buckle grips and everyone is satisfied with them.
Thank you.

Reviewed by Carla , 03/16/2018

The most comfortable grips I have ever worn! Definitely true that there is no break-in time. I was doing flyaways and giants the first practice. Love the double buckles! Customer service is great! Once you try these grips, you will never use another brand!

Reviewed by debra , 12/16/2017

These grips are wonderful my daughter loved them they break easily they grip easy they are great!

Reviewed by Debbie , 11/23/2017

I have 2 daughters in gymnastics Level 7 and level 9. We ordered these grips and they loved them. We then ordered a different brand and they hatted them. Nothing can compare to these grips. We will never order different grips again.

Reviewed by leah- l, 04/26/2016

I got my grips in level 4 and have had them ever sense! I am now a level 7 and they are still working as if they were brand new! I know that when I grow out of them i will come back here to get another pair!

GINNASTA USA REPLY: That's great to hear they've lasted so long but you really should have new grips at least every year! It's very likely you are wearing the wrong size by now, and the leather is probably pretty slick after so much use. We are happy you love your grips, but you might want to re-measure your hand and think about a new pair.... New grips will GRIP the bar and won't be dangerously old. Thanks for your review, Leah!

Reviewed by Teagan , 11/19/2015

These grips feel amazing. I have had issues of other brands falling apart, but these grips feel amazing and haven't gotten any thinner.

Reviewed by Jennifer , 06/24/2015

These truly are the best grips ever, i discovered my daughters old grips just werent fitting her properly so i did a lot of research and settled on Ginnasta Double buckle grips.We got them in today and she wore them to the gym she not only was able to do all the skills she could do previously but even did new skills all within the first hour of having her new grips, She loves them and can not stop talking about how great they are , Thank you Thank you

Reviewed by Laura , 04/21/2015

My daughter is in Level 6 and is thrilled with her new grips. She was able to use them right away and didn't even need to break them in.

Reviewed by Lynette , 03/19/2015

My daughter loves her new grips. Portia was super helpful with the sizing and got the order shipped out the same day we ordered. My daughter wore her grips right away. One of her teammates told her she needed to break in her grips and couldn't use them yet. She told her they were already broken in and proceeded to do her bar routine. :)

Reviewed by regina , 12/20/2014

the grips broke in the first day i got these i love them and recommend them to gymnast

Reviewed by Lisa W, 08/29/2014

Great grips! Everything advertised about them is true! Short and easy break in and my daughter loves them.

Reviewed by Susan , 08/05/2014

Nice grips, easy to break in. Quick shipment.

Reviewed by Mila , 05/21/2014

My daughter loved these grips. The shipment was fast too.

Reviewed by Jill , 05/08/2014

These grips are great. I ordered three pairs and all of the girls found them to be comfortable. This is their first pair of grips and they adjusted to using them quickly.

Reviewed by Amy , 02/18/2014

My daughter absolutely LOVES your grips! They were so easily broken in and comfortable to wear, and easy on mom's wallet! She uses the double buckle grips, and we originally purchased them as a back up pair for her competition bag, but she loves them so much she decided to use her old ones for a back up and these for every day use!

Reviewed by Ilona , 11/21/2013

I will always order from Ginnasta! First of all their grips are fabulous. Second - their customer service is A-1, Class act. Porscha - is the best - the grips I ordered were thought to have been stollen from Mail box. She immediately was sending me another pair! A short time after speaking with her the grips were found (delivered to wrong house) and no replacement was needed. Thank you Thank you again for your kindness and willingness to replace them. This Company is the best!

Reviewed by Abby-Level 7, 09/05/2013

I love these grips. I have worn them for over 2 years now and will never wear anything else. They are comfortable and last a long time, too. I love the double buckle narrow grips.

Reviewed by Kristi , 07/17/2013

Based on reviews I read online @ ChalkBucket and on this website, I decided to purchase these grips for my girls (training level 6/7 & level 9). I am amazed to say they were both able to do everything the first night they wore them - swinging giants into flyaways, etc... That has never happened with the English Bulldog or Reisport grips we purchased over the last several years. I am a believer!

Reviewed by Karen f, 07/01/2013

Received my daughter's size 2 (equivalent to size OO in CAD) and she loves them.

Reviewed by Cecilia , 01/29/2013

Bought these for my daughter who is a level 6 and was never able to swing bars with her other brand so she swung bars with no grips. I ordered these on Wednesday and had them in time for practice on Friday. They fit her perfectly and she never missed a beat, truly no break in time and have seen so much improvement in her bar routine and its only been a week. I have not hesitated to recommend them to all the other team parents. Thank you so much for having such a great product!

Reviewed by Erin-Level 8, 11/25/2012

I was worried to order these grips because I had never heard of the brand but I had some issues with others brands so I thought I'd give these a try. They came within 2 days and I was able to use them immediately! No problems or concerns! I've now been using them for about 4 months and if/when these ones wear out, I'm gonna buy a pair of the exact same ones! No "peeling" feeling like you get on other brands after having them for a while. They haven't stretched or gotten thinner at all either. So happy with these!!

Reviewed by Jackie- G, 06/13/2012

I bought a very large order of these grips for my whole team, and our level 5's adjusted to them (first time ever in dowel grips)very easily! Additionally, our optional team was able to get up and do their skills right away. The grips did "squeak" quite a bit, but the girls still said the grips felt comfortably broken in. We had no issues with sizing either! There was 1-2 girls who did not like the feel of them at first, but that is just because they felt different to their original grips. One has since adjusted just fine, and the other opted to keep her old grips (hotshot/ skinny palm piece vs. the wide one I ordered her). We will definitely be getting more of these in the future! :-)

Reviewed by Jess-Level 8, 01/23/2012

I have never had grips with such a small break in time. I just had to do a few casts and they were ready to go. I love them.

Reviewed by Cassidy-Level 6, 09/23/2011

I love these grips!

Reviewed by Payton-Level 9, 09/19/2011

These grips are great for high level gymnastics. I was able to do all of my skills the first day I put them on. I love them!

Reviewed by Caitlin-Level 7, 09/18/2011

These are the most comfortable grips I have ever put on my hands! They were ready to go from the first day, I didn't even have to break them in.

Reviewed by Shaye , 09/18/2011

These grips are very comfortable and are extremely durable. I have had these grips for a while now and i have never had a problem with them.