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Ladies Gymnastics Grips Black Velcro With Dowels Reviews

Reviewed by Kayla L, 06/08/2018

I’ve tried dozens of grips from numerous brands from buckle to Velcro however, Ginnasta has truly been the best! Not only did I try many different brands I also tried numerous techniques to try to break in these grips such as swinging on the bar, hitting them with a hammer, leather conditioner, etc. I remember using my first pair and not having to break them in and they also helped improve my kips at level 4!! I didn’t know until today that the reason for this was the special leather used in this product that doesn’t require weeks of breaking in like the many other brands of grips I’ve tried which is why this brand is so great! Save yourself the hassle and $$$ of trying to break in unbreakable leather and just buy these grips!!!

Ginnasta USA response: Wow, Kayla! Thank you for the glowing review!! :)

Reviewed by Ju , 07/03/2016

Ive gotten these grips twice and now maybe a third time. I love these grips so so much. the only thing is that I find the grip really thin and dont last very long. I am a lev 10 gymnast. Maybe if they were a bit thicker they would last a bit longer.
GINNASTA REPLY: We are happy you love your grips! As a level 10 gymnast you SHOULD be getting new grips at least twice per year. Since you practice more and are working high level skills you wear them out a bit faster than someone who is level 5, for example.

Reviewed by Isobel , 10/29/2015

I'm 12 and have 6.5 inch hands which is pretty big so its hard to find good grips for my size. I'm a level 10 gymnast and these broke in straight away on my bar at home so they were comfy for about an hour of doing bars. When i need a new size i know where to come to.

Reviewed by Sarah , 04/23/2015

Our daughter's first pair of grips and she finally got her glide kips! Happy gymnast and fantastic grips! Great customer service too! Thank you.

Reviewed by KC , 01/22/2015

Have not had the chance to try these out yet. They did come highly recommended over the Gibson brand.

Reviewed by Amy , 01/08/2015

Other grips have taken months to break in but my daughter was able to do her skills the very first time she used these grips.

Reviewed by Rachael , 07/26/2014

I bought these as my first pair of grips using the sizing chart provided. They fit fairly well and broke in within just one practice. I'm still not used to the feel of grips on certain skills, but I think I made the right choice!

Reviewed by Abradley , 01/11/2014

These grips are wonderful! My 10 year old L5 daughter got them for Christmas and is comfortable enough in them to use them for competition already!

Reviewed by Abby , 07/23/2012

These are my favorite grips. I have tried 2 other brands and did not ever love them. I got these and could kip right away and have loved them ever since. They are awesome.